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(1.a) hdmdesigns, a visual communications firm, was licensed for business in 1990 after 5 years of freelance work by its founder/art director, herman maldonado. A full media communications firm, our work focused on print solutions, [ corporate capabilities brochures, mediakits, newsletter design, corporate identity systems, branding & marketing solutions ] for our client base, with publications design being our specialty. hdmdesigns developed & produced award winning publications for various client to include MAGNA mens fashion, Baltimore/Washington Theatre Guide, Operations Forum, Waste Age, Waste Alternatives, Public Power, Electrical Contractor and Water Environment & technology.

In 1993, hdmdesigns partners with the Washington Post, to develop & design a new media portal, Digital Ink™ for the online service AT&T Interchange™. (1.b/c) This partnership was to set standards and meet challenges for the digital industry. Digital Ink™ was developed at a time when Mosaic, the first and only internet browser, had just been released and AOL version 1.0 was the competition along with Prodigy and Compuserve. AT&T looked to enter that market with Interchange™. Our challenge: create an online environment that provides information and services to users while also visually appealing (AOL v1.0 was mostly text-based). As per AT&T specs, the software of choice was SuperPaint 1.0 for visuals and a proprietary text-based template system for layouts. the visuals were limited to 8-bit color for download on a 2400 baud modem. within 3 months a creative team of 3 and a production group of 7 launched Digital Ink™, the Washington Post Online service with over 200 template designs, 1200 illustrations and icons and 10 sections with content from the daily editions. within a year from launch, new standards were established for visuals (Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop downsampled to 16-bit) and links were developed to auto-flow text directly from the Washington Post newsroom. the staff grew to over 150, to include a design/production department of 10 with hdmdesigns as lead creative. Digital Ink had become a multi-million dollar subsidiary for the Washington Post, which is still in place today as the interactive division, WashingtonPost.com.

hdmdesigns co. expanded services to include multimedia/interface/intranet design & development. Our web development/Intranet projects include: WashingtonPost.com, Idea-tv.com, ImaginationSoftware.com, StudentNet.com, Goodwill Industries (dcgoodwill.com), National Coalition for the Homeless (nch.ari.net) and National Welfare and Monitoring Advocacy Partnership (nwmap.org). hdmdesigns co. was contracted as consulting creative firm/affiliate studio for America Online (design/development), as well as consulting art director, for POWER magazine (a Regardies publication) and consulting creative firm, for Black Entertainment Televison on their MediaKit 2000.

Our principle, herman d maldonado, has served as adjunct faculty in design/multimedia at the Corcoran College of Art in Washington DC and as an instructor/trainer for such companies as AT&T, MCI, and PBS. In 1998, 1999 and again in 2000, he was selected as a judge for the Web Marketing Association Web Awards, an honor which rewards his years in the visual communications trade.

hdmdesigns co. relocated to Puerto Rico in February 2000 and herman maldonado was contracted as creative director for VERnet, an educational software development start-up company. Less than a year later, in 2001, VERnet was recognized as "most innovative technology company", and the "Valores Para La Vida" cdrom product [creative direction/design/development by herman d maldonado], was awarded "best new software design" by the Asociación Productos de Puerto Rico. herman maldonado also served as chief web officer & creative director at ICENetworks.com, designing and producing various products and websites to include: santanderchannel.com, laurahernandez.com, ajili-mojili, the galleryinn.com, advertising info sites for Bacardi and Snapple, products development such as the ICEchannel, ICEpacks (ICEpx) and ICEtalk and joint internet access ventures with Amigo supermarkets and Casa de Los Tapes, while developing, designing and overseeing all aspects (maintenance, updating etc.) of the ICENetworks corporate website, business forms, corporate identity, branding and marketing strategies.

In 2001 hdmdesigns co. is renamed hdm design + partners and establishes ePortal enterprises (partnership with Gil C. Schmidt, Kingmaker solutions and Laura Gorbea, Altamente.com) to introduce e-revistaportal.com, an online magazine about technology, internet and digital happenings in puerto rico and Verdeluz.com, a website dedicated to the sales and marketing of Puertorican technology products. In November 2001, herman maldonado helps found and establish the Internet Society of Puerto Rico. hdm design + partners active participation includes head of the web development commitee and designer/developers of the ISOCPR.org web presence, corporate logo & id system.

hdm design + partners is listed in DigitalThread, The Firm List, Creative Latitude, Visual Designer, Design Index and D3 [designers+developers directory].

hdm design + partners latest ventures include a photostock house [photoUrbano: puerto rico] and studies in urban typology [typUrbano:PR].

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