Opened during 1989, Ajili Mójili has been successfully catering to both locals and tourists since day one.

Our menu is a mouthwatering compendium of some of the best recipes of our land. Formulas, which have traveled from one generation to another and which, have survived the test of time, taste and heritage.

The current Puerto Rico gastronomic fare - which we so proudly display-is the result of 500-plus years of daily fusion between the rich culinary arts of the Spanish Conquistadors, the African slaves and the local Indians, who inhabited our Island. One of the many legacies of that savory melting cauldron is specially flavorful sauce, created deep in the heart of our mountainous land, originally used to season meats and fish, now used extensively and known by the name of Ajili Mójili.

Today, in honor of our ancestors, we have designated it as our official sauce and we recognize it as the one from which we got our name. Before you actually visit us, we believe you should know our way of thinking. We strongly believe that the experience of dining out should always be one of the most satisfying ones life has to offer. That is why, we will do everything we can to make your stay with us a memorable and gratifying happening. But noteworthy adventures do not appear by chance. They are the products of love, meticulous devotion and time.

Our food is prepared only after you order it. Never before. Never hastily. So sit back, relax and buen provecho.

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